Am a little pudding!!

I am all of five
I love daddy and Noddy alike
Daddy is strong like Popoye, on his bike
I think mamma is like my miss
She knows my rhymes by heart...

I am all of five
I collect my pebbles
Row my paper boats
Eat noodles with hand
On 1 leg i can stand

I am all of five
I have big tears
When you scold me
I have dimpled smile
When you love me

I am all of five
Some say I am cute
Some say I am naughty
They also say
Am a little pudding!!

P.S: While discussing my experience of teaching school kids with a friend and referring to a five year old as pudding, she said only i could associate everything with food:). while people usually say "oh such a button", I say "oh what a pudding":) This poem is dedicated to 'the' friend!Thanks S! and A who witnessed this conversation...


Tin said…
Hmmmm.....who is this little pudding who inspired a creative piece as such? ;)

P.S.: I usually prefer munchkin or sweetheart or sweetie or chotu or what ever comes to mind first. :D

P.S.: I've an awful memory when it comes to names & faces !!! :)
Madhurima said…
@Tin: A little girl i met while i was part of DHiE:)
Blue Lily said…
Sooooooooooooooooo chweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :) To more cuppy cakes, apple pies and pumpkins and puddings... in the years to come... Cheers...
Divya said…
I still call them Button ;-)

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