Editorial October 2008

"If not us, who? If not now, when?”

A new beginning, some picturesque memories, lot of
hard truths and bumpy rides. This issue of Voices
promises you all that and more.
Our Nation celebrated when we brought home the
highest no. of Olympic medals ever. We became
victims of bomb blasts that sees no region, no
religion , no rationality! Floods caused destruction
to remind us of the eternal truth that we take with
us just what we have come with.
Closer home, the freshers were welcome to an abode
that’ll be their world for the next few years to come.
The centenary lectures saw different color and strokes
with eminent Lyricist, writer and director Gulzar
talking about the pallette of science from the
kaleidoscope of art and literature. Our new Student
Council appointed a Co-Chairman and Co-Gensec, the
first time ever in the history of the SC at IISc. Was
this decentralization of work and can we expect more
results now? IISc community is missing the Coffee
Board and coffee elsewhere does not taste the same
This issue we bring to you the first ever cartoons
published in Voices by our founder member Sujit;
some concerns with the bicycle issues, some poetic
verses, a narrative tale of existentialistic truths,
an account of the Orientation Day; a new Voicean
voices the role of attitude; an interesting interview
of a Professor telling us how to go about our
research and also the announcement about the
Centenary T-shirt design competition! It is a
mixed bag this time!
We at Voices are happy to tell you that we have
four new members on board and look forward to
having some more of you join us. We are officially
working on the Centenary Conference day to day
newsletter publications and looking for a volunteer
team to work with us!

Voice your thoughts, Raise your Voice;
Own your story, make your choice.
Ink your tale, investigate without fail.
Come! Be a part of Voices; more members we hail!
Ensure you mail us your interest.

See you at voices.iisc@gmail.com, with enthu and zest!
Happy reading!!


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