“Cheese !!”

We all looked up at the radiant sky,
Pride in our eyes and head held high!
Marked in our position, disciplined we stood,
Worth the entire wait was this moment good.
The frames did capture, while a little ‘miss sunshine’
quipped, “Cheese”!

This summarized the entire experience, “Smile Please!”

Date: 16 November 2008.
Venue: Gymkhana Grounds, IISc
Event: Human Formation of the IISc Emblem

This was a historical moment as for the first time ever;
the institute community came together to be a part of the
Human Formation of the IISc Emblem. This was another
of the events to usher in the Centenary Year. A brain child
of the faculty and the Student Council, this event was
lead by Prof. AnanthaSuresh with co-ordinating support
from Brijesh Bhatt, The Student Council Co- Chairman
and Arif Ali Baig, The Student Council General Secretary,
who conducted a drive to get students to be a part of
We had over 250 enthusiasts for whom waking up early
on a Sunday morning was no big deal. This comprised
of students who kept pouring in way past the initial time
given, faculty who also complied with the dress code of
white and their children.
The Director, Prof. P. Balram said this was a wonderful
initiative that brought together everyone at one place,
a seldom happening in these 440 odd acres of land. He
not only enthused the participants with his presence, but
after several posed shots at the emblem, said, “I am
fitter than most of the people!” . Commenting on the
dress code being white, he had an innovative idea of
using lab coats! Now, why didn’t we think of that ?!
Brijesh spoke about how the volunteers came in early to
draw the entire emblem and literally got their hands dirty
with mud and chalk powder. Arif working enthusiastically
with the volunteers cited how initially it was difficult to
get students but finally, the day had come and the Human
Formation was a reality. Student volunteers felt happy
and enthusiastic about being a part of this initiative but
hoped that things were better planned and punctuality
was maintained. And as Prof. Vinoy put it, “ The Ball is
finally rolling for the Centenary!”
The event was designed by SAiMAA Creations.

P.S: Written along with Shyam, Madhusudan and Smrithi


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