What’s Brewing over Coffee my dear? - The Centenary magazine version

Perched on a stone bench…

This tale I told.

To keen listeners who witnessed a picture unfold.

It was a legacy…

A memory gone by…

Like crushed beans and tinkling dreams!

With no time to spare,

My story is right here…

"I walked on the broken path,

Picking my steps with caution.

So as not to gain anyone's wrath,

As stumbling is my inborn passion.

Soon the aroma filled the air;

It was blissfully ok…being fair.

The white porcelain cup and saucer-

Had lost its sheen thanks to many a user.

The coffee filled to the brim;

A wee-bit strong for me, invited my grin.

It was coffee sans any frills…

No cinnamon or cream or appetizing thrills.

Yet there was something about this coffee…

That made me happy like a child with her favorite


The canopy added to the aura,

As my mind raced and witnessed emotions in plethora.

The discomfort of the plastic chairs forgotten;

The shaky tables, so what if the edges are rotten!

People from across the campus converge,

Intellectual discussions and debates emerge.

Day after day, I witnessed sagas…

If someone discussed quantum physics, some other a

musical raga.

I did not pry, did not eavesdrop;

In my mind, even experienced a pin drop.

Gushed congratulations, stolen glances;

Amidst talk on genetics and a researchers' chances.

Montek Singh Ahluwalia and Robert Aumann …

Discussed in the same breath, Oh Heavens!!

Grievances were addressed,

Plans were assessed,

Projects implemented,

Policies amended.

I saw it all happen over coffee here…

Even as I strived to gain my foothold here.

I saw,

I perceived,

I observed,

I believed…

Anything can happen over coffee.

Coffee board has like you visitors regular,

Just look around and find moments stellar.

Next time you walk on the broken path…

Just give all this a little thought.

And whisper in the ear of the person near…

"What's brewing over coffee my dear?""

I woke from the dream…

It was a stellar tale in every realm.

Walked on the broken path again today.

Those memories are here to stay…

Some goodbyes are just so difficult to say…


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