Editorial June 2009

Not every path is traced, not every word is written,
not every action is taken, not every thought is thought;
yet there is news, yet there are incidents, yet there are
views, yet there are opinions.
Voices has witnessed some very eventful moments in
the last few weeks. The new Students Council was
elected, the Institute celebrated its 100th Birthday,
many IIScians came together univocally to save news,
to save trees, to save their rights.
We at Voices woke up one morning to some strong
criticisms about us not being newsy enough. We have
been accused of being elitist, of wanting to hold the
baton in the premise of being the mouthpiece of the
students. We welcome all the lettered criticisms. It
means you are reading us and giving those sheets more
thought than its 15 minutes of lifespan. We respect
your views, we respect what each and every student of
IISc feel, be it any issue on campus. Voices has always
yearned to raise the stake, improve the quality of work
and this is a continuous process. We are here to work
for the student community. Our grey cells are working
overtime on how to keep the news more updated. It is a
challenging and an enriching experience. Thanking you
all for those strong words and also those silent praises,
we bring you an issue that has focused on being more
news oriented. We do not claim to be the best news
portal in the country but even we could do with citizen
journalists. We request your support and guidance in
helping us take this mission of information further. We
want you to be a part of us and help us work better and
that is possible only when we work together.
In I, there is solitude...
In U, there is gratitude...
In We, there is magnitude!
We may work to create a magnum opus and make a
silent contribution, but believe me that little pebble will
change the texture of our thinking!
Happy Reading!


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