Editorial election 2009

Election 2009 is here!
Your chance to choose your representative,
choose your face, choose your voice.
Voices brings you the second annual Election Special issue! We will cover news, we will cover views. We
will keep you posted on whats happening in the election process!
We have the proceedings of the soapbox covered. The candidates speak and answer a volley of questions on
their USP, role of SC, role of protests and their vision if elected. Some make promises, some quote experience
profiles, some maintain brevity – yet they all take up the challenge to be the agent for change. They know they will
receive bouquets and brickbats and yet they stand on the pedestal asking for your votes. Let apathy take a holiday,
let conscientiousness rule! Come out and vote. It is your time to choose, utilize this moment.
Good luck to all the contestants.
May the best one win!
Good luck to all the readers.
May you choose the best!


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