Encore- Feb 2009

Creativity is not bound by pen and paper; today it enjoys the arena of
the electronic media like never before. The New Year rings in new
aspirations, new resolutions, new thoughts and new dimensions.
A student of Center for Product Design and Management (CPDM)
decides to carve a place for his days, his dates, his submissions; his
deadlines and what is initially conceptualized as a table top calendar
finds itself in the form of a desktop calendar. A piece of work that
reflects utility and a sense of space, yet hinges on myriad of designs
from across the world. With modesty he says, “It is a calendar with
nice graphics and tagline.”
This calendar has been featured in Smashing Magazine, under the
title “Global Village”.
So, mark your ‘dates’, make your mark! Download Anaska’s Piece
of Art from


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