Editorial April 2009- The Tabloid Issue

What are dreams made of?
Floating thoughts, snippets of
courage, cartloads of intuition,
palette of colors, day and night
of hard work, blank pages of
creativity, brush of technology;
graphs, pie charts and bars; and
a sprinkle of reality!
Voices found a new tune, trav-
eled a new musical note to mark
another noteworthy year gone
by. We do not want the ideas
to stagnate, we do not want the
pages to lose color, we do not
want the virtual world to wrap
our divergent thinking, we do not
want to set easy benchmarks, we
do not want to get complacent,
we do not want to be consistent,
we want to work harder, do bet-
ter, strive higher!
The result is for you all to see.
This is a journey that will tell
you how students have rated the
various services on campus, the
2nd edition of the benchmark-
ing exercise carried out by new
Voice-ians with elan. Thank you
IISc-ians for your valuable re-
sponses! Child labor is an is-
sue of concern world wide. Every
story has its shades and Voices
attempts to uncover those sepia
tones. Taking no stance or judg-
ment, we provide reflective pieces
on this issue.
IISc in its’ oxymoron duality is
presented through a conversa-
tion! Talk on football, the holi
celebration and the debut per-
formance of IISc Dance Club -
‘Thirkan’ that inspired more IIS-
cians to pose the question,”Shall
we dance?!” Humor is a satire
on reality; reality is a satire
on existence. Our Bhondoo in-
spired a Bhondoo tale from an
ex- Voice-ian; while one spoke
with J. N Tata, the other did
salsa. Ghonchu is from Bhon-
doo’s lab and has made his initial
footmarks in Voices with his ro-
mance on wheels tale. Insomnia
and a verse on coconut tree add
the punch of poetry.Lesson on
etiquette, anagram to wrack the
brain and some picture(s) perfect
complete this issue. The regular
aspects like featured blog, letters
to the editor find their space too
in this Pandora’s box. So open it
and re-discover Voices!
We present to you our new look!
First ever tabloid version promis-
ing more pictures, varied writ-
ings, a dash of color and whiff of
gossip! While we paint the cam-
pus red, we await your reactions
and look forward to many of you
joining Voices!


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