Editorial August 2009

This month of August, the campus witnesses a gamut of new faces, new courses, new ambitions and new dreams. While a whole bunch has graduated and packed their bags and their experiences here, a fresh batch walks in, anticipating those experiences. There will be moments of exhilaration, ideation; moments of doubt and disillusionment; moments of triumph and hardship; moments of sheer wanderings and revelations. The lab, the hostel room, the mess will encapsulate your life even before you have taken in the first whiff. You will soon discover your favorite corner in this 440 odd acres; your path to your musings.
Pep talks from peers, guidance from faculty will help you carve your niche; yet, this is a journey of self discovery. A journey in which we ourselves are responsible for the destination.
We wish every new comer lots of luck as you embark on this remarkable and enlightening journey at the Indian Institute of Science. It is lots more than just an MTech/MSc degree or a PhD thesis. The years here will change the course of your life.
Voices presents the Freshers' Special Issue, a glimpse into the world beyond the courses here. Let the moment of chrysalis arrive and let talent take center stage. Let the curtains rise. Ahoy!


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