Conversation with my puddings!

My study variables seek attention...
I read, re-learn and work on retention.

I dwell, I stare, I re-look, I flare...
they stare back- a cold, calm unnerving stare...
almost like they know their positions
but I am unclear..

They correlate even in ambiguity
partial, multiple, sporadic are the relations
Some Structure, some Equation, some Modeling
is all they ask for.

I love my variables...they are my 'puddings'
hate to drive some home, love to invite new ones
i create this mess...and still wanna talk

See my emotions in gestalt,
fragmented bits are statistically suicidal..
I vary my variables, play a game of hide n seek
I keep counting
and they smile with some cheek!


indu said…
good one... i can so relate to it :P

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