Ramblings of the miffed mind!!

Life is strange.
We want to be able to decide the rules and yet let the set stage to become our home.
We want to be independent and yet we have issues with too much of it.
We want to assert our thoughts and yet become speechless, when told that the assertive thoughts are a show of selfishness and ego.
What we think is pretentious behavior becomes a mode of adjustment.
We are asked to build bridges, seal relationships and yet asked to wonder if we have managed to cement the relationships really well?
Being unique is no more a problem, but being normal is still better.
A mind with critical inquiry is labeled adamant.
If compromise is the key to happiness, then why are we even asked to dream.
It is to disagree, good to let the steam off as long as in the end we adhere to the same beaten path.
A new choice, a calculated risk, an unheard ambition, a personal drive are still moments of insanity and still self-efficacy is harped upon.
We talk about entrepreneurial beginnings, yet forget that nascent dreams walk on a tight rope.
Life is so much about contradictions that i sometimes wonder if choice is a blessing, skepticism a mild tonic and sarcasm a light humor.
These random ramblings begin to help my mind organize my incoherent thoughts and yet after the desired journey, I am still where i began from. This is an illusive search...


Coffee On An IV said…
Need help in joining the dots: ADHD...OCD...Diabetes...the triumvirate silent stalkers!!!
Any thoughts/insights, would be much appreciated.


PS: Ramblings sans the "miff" would help too:)

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