Confessions come shopping:)

Do I like shopping?
Ofcourse I do.

Do I shop till I drop?
Not really. I like to do it quick.I usually know exactly what I want.

My quickest shopping?
10mins.Helped a fried buy salwar kameezes to attend a wedding.

What is it that I shop the most?
Books, Junk jewellery, random home stuff...lots of stationary...(have atleast 20 pens and 6different color erasers in my lab)...and yeah, like handbags too and handmade paper stuff-books, albums and scented candles!

My craziest shopping kirrrik!?
I buy stoles and then hunt for matching kurtas, buy nailpolish and then look for dresses; buy books that i will read only after many many months bcos I still have a bundle to finish.I also buy fancy and aromatic stationary for no reason at all....

Do I binge?Am I an impulsive shopper?
Yes to both....

Do I believe in Retail therapy?
Yaaaa.... but that is so lame a term, almost like wanting to find an's just pure happiness at times...

Am I shoppoholic?
Nopes! Rationality knocks my door after a while...

A look at the windows
the arrays of color
nascent aspirations
greed with no satiation
happiness happens
just thinking about shopping!!

P.S: This post is dedicated to my karmic friend who is the partner in crime, and to those people who tolerate this madness! Love U!!


Blue Lily said…
Here is to the Shopaholic Anonymous crowd...

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