i know we will have another date

Some days just go by
Cupid plays hide n seek
Acts pricey to get pen & paper together...

Words remain in thought
convert to short term memory
get refined infinite times
with hopes of a porous boundary!

It is freedom i seek
a world i find comfort in..
some love stories are meant
to happen again and again..

i know we will have another date
so till next time
when pen & paper meet...


Vijayanth said…
Nice... :)

About Writer's block, if I understand it rightly...

Do I understand it rightly? :P
Madhurima said…
@Vijayanth: yes!:) just that the word block is so negative in thought...thought will take a more romantic view on this:). guess it is the IISc weather!
Arjun said…
Loved the poem M. Especially the way you described writer's block ;)
Madhurima said…
@Arjun: thank u!helps to have a MAC naah:)

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