"M"ind Trails 3a,b,c,.....n

Some times... we just let the mind trail...

Some of my recent status messages on a social networking site!

· I cannot afford to have a bad mood! it is so not worth it.....:)

· 'happiness' n 'smiles' are on my priority list! 'sadness' n 'frowns' can take a walk...

· Wonder why we think so much about what the other person is thinking!

· Love definitely makes ur world spin! :)

· Life is good with al d tensions, stress n apprehensions; bcos hope floats :)

· Racing against time n hoping i had a time turner!

· A green salad works wonders for the confused, researching mind! u enjoy even the salt n pepper!

· Is monday morng laziness infectious? then i better stay @ home. dont want2 infect all @ lab!

· "The whole is greater than the sum of its' parts"- The Gestalt principle applies perfectly to India- diverse people, diverse cultures and diverse thoughts.When we come together, we are a love story that unfolds! While the verdict comes in, let us come together (w)holistically and maintain peace.

· Troubled by allergens, allergies n asthma! but i can't stop loving bangalore!

· There is something comforting about uneventful sundays :)

· There is so much on my mind right now that even my 'working memory' is vng a cognitive overload!!

· Lot of thought, lot of noise; clearing fog, brimming clarity; d mind is talking, listening 2 d heart's advice. PhD is so worth it 4 unexplainable moments like these!

· What’s cooking?! d best of both worlds:) dantin soppu in kannada/ daata shaag in bengali ! 2 dishes: soppin saar ( toor dal wid the leaves) and daata chochori ( a bhaji with d stem in kalo/black jeera) ! even cooking can be so symbiotic. mighty thrilled with myself:)

· I love 'love stories'- victorian, modern, m&b; bollywood, hollywood; mushy, naughty, tragic, comic, dramatic, sci-fi... all of them!


Arjun said…
Liked each one of them. Even the font! :-)

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