Green on my mind is on a crazy trail.

what is it with color and me?
ride on a rainbow is all i see.
love them in all shades
all hues, even when they fade..
colors for all seasons
colors without a reason.

how we color our canvas
thoughts that are colored
colored skin drawing attention
language that is colored
color is beyond the grasp of vision
it is the frame of reference on a niche mission!

Be it any color on my nail, my mind is always on a crazy trail...


Vijayanth said…
Very nice... :D

"color is beyond the grasp of vision"
But not beyond your naming the various shades of it, no??? :P
Arjun said…
Nice one! I agree with Vijayanth. The colours you name (fuschia pink, mauve etc etc) are beyond the grasp of our vision ;-)

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