Tuesday, March 8, 2011

They make me feel special on days, odd and even

The day for Women is today...

celebrations, moments of accolade;

tales of courage narrated,

ideal women awards given,

the perfect idol is enumerated,

every little success of hers is celebrated,

all setbacks are spoken of as stepping stones.

The celebrity lot talk of the underprivledged,

violence becomes a topic of concern.

Women guest editors, woman columnists,

they all have an extra say.

For today officially is our day.

But i feel this is an overhaul

The lines too sweet,

a forced celebration for some.

I have a humble thing to say

let us feel special about ourselves,

not just today, but everyday.

I take this moment, to tell the tale

of the three wonderful men

who make me feel special on days, odd and even!


He has been my idol ever since I remember,

I wanted to be everything he is...

his temperament, his commitment

his ideals, his principles...

have all marked my path...

he let me be me...

from being called junior Das to now

has been a journey so 'wow'..

I owe it to him,

for letting me live my every dream.


He is the one

who made sure i had a lot of fun...

always listens to me, yes he does

we fight, we crib, we love to make fuss...

but brother to friend is the transition he took;

beside me, i find him,whenever I look.

To me, he shall remain..

my little brother for ever...

love his possessiveness,

to him, I can never say never...


He is my 'anti-me'..

over chai and chat, discovered the 'we',

he spoils me with all might,

makes every worry i carry seem so light.

He lives with my 'to do lists' and my 'remember that?' tales

Loves me with my kirriks,

Renders some amazing culinary tricks:)

He listens, never judges...

lets me take my own flight...

He is the silent wind beneath my wings.


Vijayanth said...

Absolutely brilliant...

I feel humbled after reading this.

It is amazing, awesome, brilliant (no harm in re-iterating it), dazzling, fantastic, lovely, surreal... (Add any other superlatives you can think of, and consider them to be from me... For now, I have run out of superlatives...)

But, whatever superlatives I can think of, they still feel diminutive to my mind for expressing what I really feel about the poem.

Suvasini.... said...

It is a nice piece of work indeed and i agree with you on the account of special days... they are at best symbolic and the true change can only be brought about by more consistent and targeted efforts through out the year... I mean the upper echelons of the society do not need a women's day but they are the ones who go ga ga about it.. !!

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