Thursday, July 14, 2011

UK unbound Series Part 1: Walk through Borough Street

There is no better way to know a place than to walk through its lanes. My first evening walk at London was through Borough street.

Busy, colorful and so many stories of its own ... little sneaks that I took at lines written, smiles that crossed my face on seeing some ads; just awed by the women who strode down the footpath in their stilletoes and matching stockings; buses and taxis with movie and daily show hoardings, promising great entertainment and happiness; lot of cyclists and cycles parked for public use; London evening standard on a stool to just be picked and read, a look at the Guardian ...naah, an admiring glance. This was like a mosaic that emerged in front of me. Even while I sat at Starbucks and pondered over the overhyped coffee, I couldn't help but feel excited like a child looking at the telephone booths and the low emission zone sign boards.The street was filled with restaurants of all cuisines and had a restaurant named The Blue eyed maid and another called the Truly Indian. A pub quoted, "In heaven there is no beer, that is why we drink it here!"; a London college offered american degrees and a place called Slug and Lettuce had a war memorial plaque.

This was 45mins well spent and as i walked into Swan street and entered Skylark court, my abode for the next few days...I just felt happy to know that now there will be words unbound!

p.s: Photos of all the things/places mentioned will be up on FB:)


Div. said...

Your description is lovely...just felt like a para out of a colourful novel! Muah!

Piscean Angel said...

wow ... that was s truly amazing description.

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