Friday, July 15, 2011

UKUS Part 2: passtaaa

I love pasta...absolutely, like it the Italian way; like it even when it is Indianised with jeera and other spices, like it anyway anytime...anyhow:)

Aarti and I cooked dinner yesterday ( she let me cut the veggies and saute a little, being the perfect host)- stuffed pasta with bel peppers, mushroom, baby corn n broccoli...n green pesto sauce! the gates of heaven just opened... teamed it with peppered mushrooms and garlic bread! had my 1st Pimm's & lemonade:) and have to admit very refreshing it is!

The highlight of the dinner was the stuffed pasta with cheese in it ...yumm!

This will surely find a place with me on my return journey:)


Samyak said...

Hi madhurima,
I came to know about your blog through I recently completed my B.Tech in Industrial engg. from NIT kurukshetra. Actually I was looking for answers regarding the department of management studies at IISc. Considering my interests in environmentalism and conservation I found some really interesting courses being offered viz.
MG 203 - Industrial Policy & Development
MG 273 - Management of Change
MG 276 - Energy Policy
MG 274 - Management of Innovation and Intellectual Property
MG 281 - Management of Technology for Sustainability etc.

I will be thankful if you could take some time out to answer my queries. My queries are:
1. What exactly is the difference between the conventional mba and the IISc mba in terms of:
i. approach to studies and scope of the subjects considering it comes under the department of earth and environmental sciences at IISc.
ii. What is the nature of work(job profile) that the students are normally offered after this mba.

I apologize for writing on such issues on your travelogue post but I am really desperate to find answers. However, even I happen to love cheese pasta.

Yours sincerely

Madhurima said...

Hi Samyak,
pls mail me on and we shall take this conversation further:)

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