Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keep it simple silly!

BasicHalli has got this concept at its core. About 80kms from Bangalore central (Read M.G Road), off Kanakpura town, located in the village of Sundagatta is this perfect weekend getaway. No plush rooms, no fancy service, no jacuzzis, no champagne and cheese cake; yet, so soulful! A large land that had a soiree of opportunities, now houses 11 thatched huts, shaped like tents; a mini farm and a functional kitchen.

I have always planned what I do, how I will do it…when I shall do it..I basically plan. Back from my summer school course, Prashant planned this surprise weekend holiday. I was asked to pack minimal; carry water, torch and lighter. Having little clue where we going, I anticipated every turn on the road, craned my neck to read every board and signage. Imagine my surprise when I land into this basic village, named basically basicHalli!

A coconut tree by every hut and a rock bench in front of it; a large hammock over a water tank and vegetables grown in the garden used for cooking absolutely sumptuous vegetarian food. Not to forget the hot piping chai and heavenly ‘mensinkai’ bhajjis. We also had a barbeque and grilled chicken was made. The experience of eating all meals in huge steel plates and washing your own plates made perfect sense. The restrooms are common and about 25mts away from the huts. They are a no-nonsense utility restrooms, which could do with an extra rack to keep the toiletries. There are various activities that are possible. We could choose from a range of boardgames like housie, business, ludo and snake n ladder; or even play football or volleyball. I did try my hand at some of them and Prashant hosted housie for the group of people that were staying. There is a lake closeby where we did take a walk and felt one with nature. There is also a temple up the hill, where we were taken by a tempo early morning. The inhabitants of the tempo included some early risers and some cycles for the brave hearts who wanted to cycle 10kms downhill on an almost non-existent road stretch of 6kms. While Prashant cycled, for me it was a time to explore the hills and valleys through the lens.

Two of the founders, Anand and Lobo were there and made us feel so at home. Their exuberance, conversations and participative nature makes the holiday at basicHalli all the more interesting.

So, here is my Rating (../5) for this haven away from the chaos of the city.

  • Concept:4.5

  • Food: 4.5(extra pat for the garden grown veggies; one of the crunchiest beans I have had in a long time)

  • Hut:4

  • Restrooms: 4

  • Overall experience: 4.25

Do I recommend this place to you: Of course. Why else would I blog about it!

Disclaimer: Not for the fainthearted and luxury seeking holidaygoers. If you want to enjoy nature, like your hut and ‘chape’ (mat) experience; want to sleep below the stars and eat simple yum food, then knock on the doors of basicHalli!

Read about BasicHalli here:)


Blue Lily said...

Interesting concept and I wish I can visit this place some day :)

Deepti said...

Very well written and rated. The place truly deserved it. Let's go again! ;)

Jyoti said...

Can't wait to go there!! :)

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