Bengaluru rocks!

Dialed 080-22660000 this morning at 8.08am!

My first ever call to the BBMP helpline to report a dead dog on my road, requesting them to take action.
Have to admit it was a pleasant surprise to see an operator attend the call within seconds and be very patient with our query and register the grievance. They have given me my GR no.-79873 and assured me of action immediately.
The funny part though was that they ask us to dial a specific no. for a specific language. I dialed 2 for English and the operator spoke in Kannada.I honestly didn't mind as she was patient with my broken Kannada and handled the call well. I received a thank you message too:)

For all the times we crib about our city and throw brickbats, this effort of the BBMP is a small yet heartening step!

Bengaluru rocks!


D said…
Learn kannada....NOW! ;-)
Ankur said…
That is encouraging to know ; at least there is some hope for the city.
Madhusudan said…
awesome work madhurima...

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