An Ode to the Ditch!

In the midst of the wind,
the dreams take a running lap.

The mistaken train and cute station,
the user history and endless passion.

The blossom of mindless gupshup,
are a reminder of happiness galore.

The giggly shrieks are a call
to memories of girly moments.

The endless 'ahem' gyaan batofying
snippets of WWF and missed calls.**

Snapping fingers, blink of the eyes;
tangent of thoughts, gusty waterfall.

The camera clicks, chai and beer;
the happy heart, smiles sans fear.

In the Ditch, the trail began,
To Ditchness, we raise a toast!

Till the next, a tale is written;
Sunshine and Wind, the budding flowers.

9th Dec 2011, 4.28pm


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