The 'Absurd' Reality!

Conceptualizing, Planning and thinking of a workshop on 'Work Life Balance' is way easier than convincing organizations to sponsor their women employees for the workshop!

Top regret answers :

1. We do women activities as CSR (Err...'women activities'...)
2. We celebrate womens day and have some speakers come and talk to them, we don't need a workshop
3. We believe in diversity and inclusion, we take them for outbound programs
4. We can't afford to let them go for three days
5. We are not sure we want to spend that much on each employee
6. We have counselors and doctors on campus, they don't need such programs'
7. We have the funding and believe in encouraging them, but would prefer technical programs
8. Would these programs make women 'feministic'? (Really??!!)
9. We have work from home, their work life balance is maintained
10. We HR are attuned to their needs, we are there to take care (From the knowledgeable HR)

**You could rank them in order of absurdness:)


ArK said…
This clearly shows HR in the industry has become a token institution that doesn't really understand why it exists. And how some terms incorporated into professional life have been robbed of their real meanings and have become like play cards.

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