For me, Love is YOU!

Dearest Sneher,

Love needs no season,
Love doesn't adhere to reason,
Love is a silent song,
Love is a painting muse,
Love is a perfect dance,
Love is a poem written,
Love is the constant chatter,
Love is the to-do list,
Love is vows taken,
Love is a smile that reaches the heart,
Love is the blushing cheeks,
Love is the fluttering eyelashes,
Love is that skipped heartbeat,
Love is that beautiful pain,
Love is longing,
Love is eternal,
Love is patience,
Love is madness & mayhem,
Love is adventure & mishaps,
Love is OCD systematized,
Love is mesmerizing imperfections,
Love is beyond distances,
Love is beyond fights,
Love is acceptance,
Love is glare & snare,
Love is the honest reply,
Love is the constructive criticism,
Love is the meal cooked together,
Love is the books read together,
Love is the conversations of intellect,
Love is discovering love with you,

For me, Love is YOU!


Anonymous said…
awwwwww... dont make me cry now girl!
Madhurima said…
kindly identify self.
Piscean Angel said…
Love-ly way to express Love :)
Love it... To Love... Am happy for YOU and P... and I know the feelings are mutual :)

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