Monday, July 18, 2016

Accidentally yours!

Dear Life,
Monday morning be mundane, be boring, be sluggish! Naah, not for me. Just walking out of the famous malleshwaram orthopaedic clinic. Right ankle ligament tear, thanks to a weird fall on Saturday evening.

Multiple x-rays rules out a fracture ( am I glad or what) and then, a very nice doctor did some bending of the foot and took an x-ray to check for ligament tear! Bingo, there it was. Been advised two weeks of rest and restricted movement and here I had plans for busy social days ahead.

Things will go on, rest shall happen and ligament shall heal. All in good time.

Sprains, tears, miniscule fractures have an affinity towards me. December 2014 saw me being casted in a rohit shetty kind of movie where my auto drove fast near maramma circle, lost balance, rear wheel in air, me out of auto with my left palm on road, being dragged for few idea! Turned out to be a fracture of the thumb and needed a cast for about 6 weeks. I went to the doctor after waiting for a week, because the pain seemed tolerable. But just post the accident, I was unable to gauge the damage and so picked myself up, sat in the auto and went and attended the SHEROES summit 2014 edition. Then by lunch, when the swelling did appear and sense prevailed, I took the cab and got home.

Besides the story that I can tell my future generations, what was a learning was to deal with those 6 weeks believing , All is well! Attended a wedding, some parties, emceed a Gala charity dinner for an NGO that works in the area of education and work continued. The funny thing is when people saw the cast and said, "Bechara, khub betha naa. issshhh... bachcha o choto, khub koshto" ( poor thing, must be painful, baby also small...very troublesome moment). In reply, I said , yes, but will cribbing help me or Ira or Prashant or the world. Ira was about 7 months then but Prashant was completely taking care of her, to ensure I had rest. I only carried her when she insisted.

The bane of being a strong woman ( mental, physical, combi of both... whatever you want to choose) is that we are often required to explain that strength or even show that the strength is a result of some sacrifice crap. But the fact is it is not...I have an allergy to being over dependent or bechari types. I am not perfect, ofcourse there is pain, there is discomfort...but life is too precious to spend time cribbing. And when accidents are part and parcel of life, you may as well take them in your stride.

So, looking forward to the next two weeks. Some interesting meet ups, planning a farewell party, attending some talks! Bring it on I say...One step at a time Ouch...that ligament hurts :)

Accidentally yours,
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Kumudhini Ravindra said...

Ahh sweetie... I can feel your pain... But I also enjoy your never say die spirit... Bring it on you say... Here I am already planning for it ;) What say???

Madhurima said...

Sure Kumu:)

Parul said...

Oops! You are a rockstar indeed. Keep going, woman.

Madhurima said...

Parul,thanks but aren't we all. We find strength and resilience in the most difficult situations.this is a shoutout to scores of women like us.

Piscean Angel said...

You sure are accident prone !!! Take care. Hugs n kisses.

Madhurima said...

Thanks Chandra. Guess that's when you also learn to laugh about it.

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