M trails...Only person who knows is you!

There are days when you stare at the computer screen and that is all you do. BLANK. SPACE. PERIOD. ....MORE BLANK...MORE SPACE...

Then there are days when mental diarrhoea converts to those long articles where you pour out your heart, soul, blood and sweaty tired fingers ( esp if after years of being a researcher you still type awkwardly like I do).

Then somewhere in between come days with semblance of mediocrity, normalcy when how you use the words, how your sentences wind up do not matter, what matters is that you have something to say and you have your blog space to say it. Your little corner of comfort, your haven; that little girl-diary, you want no one to read and yet you want the world to know exactly what you are thinking.

My thought today, "No one can tell you how much you can think, how much you can do and how much you can feel...the only person who knows is you!".

Reviving my 'Mind Trails' series of blog-posts, that will now imbibe the spirit of a micro-blog (hopefully) and keep my 'mad' moments going.


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