'Freedom' deciphered, the Ira-way

Dear Ira,

You went to school today, dressed in white to celebrate Independence Day. A day that celebrates the freedom that we have and nurture.

# Celebrating Freedom

Freedom is very precious, the freedom to make choices and the freedom to be free. All the things that you do, your imagined plays, your activity time, your creative conversations...all of it reflect elements of freedom. The meaning of the word is simple, while the hues it takes may differ as you grow up. Every year, your Papa and I will see you expressing your freedom in a whole new way.

Buying toys and clothes is always a fascinating experience. We love the way you run to the 'ball' segment, each time we visit a leading sports item store; we love the way you choose the school bag you want or the tee shirt that you shall wear, irrespective of which segment it is categorised into. We just a few days back got you your first kitchen set and what ensued was a three course meal. Understanding that food and kitchen are for all and to take pride in that rice, dal and grated carrot sabji you are making with elan. You love your Ben-the plane and Thomas-the engine and so do we.

#Freedom from Gender Norms

Your recent creative pursuits keep us on our toes and we try and find new ways that we think will make activity time interesting for you. Am thrilled that you have taken to the blocks that were bought at a fair and you are happily 'painting' away. Flowers and Butterflies have added both the sunshine and colour to your activity time. Ofcourse, you want to now paint the flowers all over!

#Creative Freedom

Every morning when you wake up and say, Good morning and ensure Bonnie (a Lion, soft toy) also does the same, you are filled with a zeal to take on the day. Ofcourse, as parents we want to see all this and more in you. When we look back years later, you will realise that, that moment when you wore that mask we made and posed like you had super powers just made the super powers a reality. The super power to be uninhibited, the super power to be amazingly animated and dramatic and enjoy every moment of it; the super power to not worry about expectations but do what you love, the super power to be yourself.

#Freedom to have and showoff that super power
#Freedom to be self

So, my baby, keep that sense of freedom, respect it, embrace it and thrive in it.

Love you,
Your Mamma


Love it, Maddie...
Live it up my dear, Ira... You deserve the world and have fun while you are at it :) <3
Namrata Iyer said…
The superpower to be yourself!!! Wow Madhurima....what a beautiful thought! Makes me wanna stand in front of the mirror and strike that pose myself :)
Divya said…
Be the super woman you inspire to be Ira....always!!
Madhurima said…
Thanks Kumu. IRA's world is beautiful because she has you all in it:)
Madhurima said…
Thanks Namrata. I feel as adults we often forget these little things. Time to reflect on that superpower.
Pravallika said…
Lovely Write up maam... Am sure Ira is lucky to have a Mamma like you ��
Madhurima said…
Thank you so much Pravallika. We as parents can only capture some memories through words. The experience is far more overwhelming.
Atheetha said…
One of the best freedom articles I've read!
Madhurima said…
Awww. Thank you:)

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