The 10 things I learnt at the #SHEROESSummit, Bangalore today

There are some ‘moments’ that become ingrained in your mind and manifest in repetitive actions. I was introduced to SHEROES about four years back by my dear friend Neeta. I attended the first ever summit in Bangalore in 2013, September. I have attended it every year since and it has only grown bigger, better and more fascinating. A summit that brings together women from all walks of life, women starting their careers; women looking at alternate careers, women looking to returning to work; women on sabbaticals and women who have successfully made the career transitions.

Today, 20th August, 2016, the 4th SHEROES Summit at The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore witnessed a packed hall, lot of opinions shared, discussed, encouraged; a back rub, a belly dance, a therapeutic dance session and a story-telling session. Capturing the day in 10 learnings is no mean feat and am being brave to even attempt it!

1.       Self-awareness and assessing your opportunities is the key to successful career planning.

2.       Learn to redefine failures. When things do not go your way, just find another way.

3.       Treat your career like a marathon and not a sprint. Stay on track; take those career breaks but resume your career.

4.       We are the only ones who can care for ourselves. Let us find our mojo.

5.       Everyone everywhere has a story to tell. Speak up and also listen.

6.       Start the conversations, you never know where it will take you. Opportunities exist, seek them mindfully.

7.       Keep learning. Be aware. Do not completely disconnect from the work space. Even when not working, learn where the technology is moving.

8.       Every challenge is an opportunity. Learn the conversion mantra.

9.       The three big Cs defining ‘Future Work’- Collaborative mind-set, Co-working spaces, Company Culture.

10.   Be a SHERO. Help another SHERO to learn, to grow and to share. In the same spirit, tell your friends about SHEROESSummit and encourage them to attend.

** This starred learning is like that extra ‘sookha fuchka’ we get (Think Incentive)! “If you have a belly, you can belly dance!” – said by the fabulous and inimitable emcee for the day, Shreya Krishnan.

Congratulations to Sairee Chahal and team SHEROES for ensuring that the day was an inspirational, liberating and fun-filled experience for us. Looking forward to #SHEROESSummit 2017.


Atheetha said…
How we enjoyed yesterday! And that lesson #10 - you are an amazing example of that! ❤️
Madhurima said…
Thank you girl. Right back at you <3

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