Participative parenting and 'Our' Story

SHEROES a few days back had asked us readers to share a post on ‪#‎mumswithoutbabysitters‬. Here is 'Our' story, looking at ‪#‎parentswithoutbabysitters‬ and ‪#‎participativeparenting‬ ‪#‎Iraisms

* Ira at Cubbon Park when she was about 15 months

We are parents to an active, inquisitive and chatty 26 month old and we have never had a babysitter. A choice that we made which ensured a huge learning curve for both of us as new parents and our new born. My husband and I chose alternate modes of work so that we could take turns to be with her. So, when one parent has a meeting, the other takes over. This way we have got a lot of time with her and it has been immensely overwhelming, being there to witness all her milestones. There are times when she has gone to meetings with Papa and there have been times when she has attended an event Mamma is speaking at. But these long strides began with some initial baby steps. It began with me going on my maternity break and my husband quitting his job to take a baby break, in the true sense. Participative parenting has worked for us, helping us balance our new roles and our careers. It has been a choice that we as parents have made and we wouldn't do it any other way.  #participativeparenting #mumswithoutbabysitters #parentswithoutbabysitters

* Ira at Nandi Hills



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