Where are you?

Mamma travels. Papa manages home and Ira and they both have super fun. Four days now and Mamma can't wait to get home.  What is constant in these four days are the little conversations with Ira.

Ira: where are you mamma?
Me: hotel
Ira: taking Ben the plane
(she wants to know if am in cab,  hotel,  plane or at work each time we speak during the course of the day)
Me: yes mona, today evening
Ira: hmmm.  Mamma in hyderabad
Me: hmmm. Silent nod
Ira: hear me? (can you hear me?)
Me: yes babu. I can hear you
Ira: OK mamma.  Come home. Meet Ira. Okay! Love you. Miss you.  Bye

Moments like this you want to drop everything you are doing and rush home.  Moments like this you realise your little baby is growing up.  Moments like this you are glad for all the 'spousal support' (clich√©).

Ira and Ira ke Papa,  you both are rockstars I say.  Can't wait to be home.  <3 p="">


Atheetha said…
Ira and Ira ke Papa truly rocks! :D
It's so beautiful that she worries, cares and is as dotting as her mum... she is a charm

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