Happy tummy, happy us

I love cooking.
Sometimes I can be a super enthu cook and sometimes, plain lazy.
One of the first things I learnt to make was omelette like ma and chicken curry like baba. I would add cheese,  tomatoes and anything that caught my fancy to the omelette. Most of the cooking I did at my parents was restricted to noodles,  pasta and some non veg starters.  Being married to a go foodie and a fabulous cook has only made cooking a more intriguing experience. It fascinates me to see Prashant read multiple recipes,  make complex masalas and then cook with the same enthu. Cooking for me is also destressing.
And I feel it is a skill that everyone must acquire. For days when you want comforting food, nothing works better than hot rice,  alu bhaate (bong mashed potato with mustard oil,  salt and green chilli) and moosur dal.
Since Ira has joined school,  there has been the effort to learn some new things and try variety of tiffin friendly recipes. The tiffin journey has now begun in true sense and have renewed respects for all parents who pack a wholesome homely lunch everyday.
Thursday morning enthusiasm saw palak parathas and alu bhaji being made. Happy tummy,  happy us.


Parul said…
That looks yum. I agree that cooking is a skill we all need to know. It saves us by all means. :)

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