2017 is here!

2017 is here.

"Happy 2017"

It almost seemed like 2016 went in a jiffy but honestly, it always seems so.  There is so much that happened. We had some eventful and not so eventful work moments. A lot of firsts in terms of parenting. Ira began montessori and life just got more exciting. We made time for things that mattered, people who mattered and life because it mattered. Thankful for all the new friendships made and the new experiences and looking forward to what 2017 has in store. Hoping for a fruitful year work wise, a more healthy year and more newness.

I will also do something new beginning today. I have been gifted a five year journal where you write a line for each day, by a very very dear friend and I look forward to writing a line for each day gone by. This journal will capture experiences, feelings,   thoughts, confusions, Happiness,  madness and more.

Thank you V! 


Parul said…
That's a lovely post and beautiful blue journal. Happy jotting down things there :) Happy 2017, Madhurima.
Madhurima said…
Happy 2017 to you and VT:) yes, loving the experience of the journal.

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