Demystifying Indian Girls

Name of the Book: One Indian Girl
Author: Chetan Bhagat 
Publishers: Rupa Publications 2016
Genre: Fiction

A book that I read over two days and mostly while sitting in a cab travelling across Bangalore. I like the ending of the book but not sure what Bhagat aims to achieve. A book dedicated to the few Indian girls who dare to dream. A book where the protagonist is a successful  debt analyst and yet mops over her unsuccessful and complicated relationships. Her fault is endearing yet the feminist bits of the book are cringe worthy. It doesn't go the complete distance. The men provide literary eye candy. It's at best a light read,  a perfect recipe for a Bollywood movie. With the story set in New York, Hong Kong and London and the lead characters wearing matching colours (shades of blue), in the pre-climax. 
I read the book out of pure curiosity like I have all his books after being impressed with Five Point Someone. I do hope young girls do not begin to believe that Bhagat has given them the prototype of one Indian girl. Because 'we' are much more than what this 270 page saga presents. We all want to dream,  we all dare in bits and pieces,  we have our successes, we have our failures,  we are single,  we are married, we are career material,  we are maternal type, we are confident and we are confused. But, isn't that what makes us. We are a myriad mosaic. 

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Piscean Angel said…
Chetan Bhagat 👎 I stopped reading his books after"one night at the call centre"
Madhurima said…
Can't blame you. But here curiosity got the better of me. You didn't miss much.

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