Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Because a little girl dreams on

Been meaning to write this post for over a week now! Hoping memory does justice.
I attended the NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion Summit 2017 on 27th and 28th of Feb,  2017. The discussions ranged on current practices in organizations, what is being done,  changes at policy level,  how change has to be a participative measure and driven from the top.  Here are a few thoughts from across sessions that stayed with me.
Bring your whole self to work
Making people count
Focus on skilling and re-skilling
Understand enablers and disrupters
Do away with the unconscious bias - stop asking, am I good enough
The diversity agenda has to be handled one step at a time
Gender neutral mentoring
Create enabling ecosystem
Support has to be pervasive in nature
D&I part of business strategy
Advocate for change-be a part of the change

I personally love what is written on the satchel, 'Because a little girl dreams on'. Diversity comes in all colours and hue and time we have a sense of pride about being champions of diversity. A journey that must begin at home even as organizations make strides in their initiatives.

#diversity&inclusivity #advocateforchange #lettheconversationsbegin 


Piscean Angel said...

Love the satchel.

Madhurima said...

I know <3 It is so fabulous.

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