Friday, February 3, 2017

Mamma, I am looking beautiful

The world is a beautiful place when you see it from the eyes of a 2 year 8 month old. Ira has recently learnt the word beautiful and uses it in multiple situations and for multiple people. She finds the characters in a book beautiful, she finds a tree in a park beautiful, she find mamma's institute beautiful, she also tells snowy (owl) that she is beautiful. This morning she wore a dress for school, looked at the mirror and told me, "Mamma, I am looking beautiful." The grin that accompanied the line was heart-melting. She then turned to me and said that am looking beautiful and gave her papa the same compliment. It didn't matter that I looked as draabe (shabby) as I could with unkempt hair and a rushed morning look. What mattered is that she has begun perceiving beauty in everything and everyone. Beauty that those little doe eyes see. The world is beautiful Period.
We have always told her how "Ira is brave, Ira is strong and Ira is smart (accompanied with gestures)." Guess, she has added the new line- "Ira is beautiful."

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