The day I took a Nobel Laureate on a guided tour of the Institute

Being a student at IISc, have had the opportunity to listen to many Nobel Laureates over the years.  There is always a sense of awe and admiration.  As a student and a researcher, your ears are keen, eyes are wide open as you soak up every word they say.

Today, the IISc Alumni Association hosted a special lecture by Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus on 'The Zero Effects of Social Entrepreneurship'. At some point, all of us would have read about his work on micro finance and the changes that the Grameen bank model has brought about in the lives of people in Bangladesh. Apart from his inspirational talk today where he spoke about how change can be brought about by encouraging every woman to understand her entrepreneurial abilities and how we need to be job makers, not job seekers for the economy to grow today.

Prior to his talk, once the introductions were done,  we took him on a guided tour of the Institute. I have deep love for the Institute and earlier as a student,  have taken visitors from other University also on campus walks. This request from him and a keen interest to see the campus just filled me with gleeful happiness to share all that I know. Talking about the expanse of the Institute,  the heritage buildings,  the new initiatives and the subway. Post the tour,  we took some snaps at J N Tata Statue and as we proceeded to the faculty Hall,  I requested him for a selfie and he was all smiles. We spoke in Bangla and I told him my Baba is from Farithpur and my Ma from dhaka. He also invited all of us to Bangladesh. The warmth,  the humility and the knowledge just blows you away. A day that shall be etched in memory.  The day I took a Nobel Laureate on a guided tour of the Institute.

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