A toast to a bunch of women I met this year.

Behind,  beside,  alongside every successful woman is another woman or women who have encouraged her,  laid her fears to rest,  shared her tears and her joys,  had that cup of chai and samosa over unending conversations, have spoken of heartbreaks,  triumphs, tribulations. Have helped her find her inner strength,  find the wind beneath her wings. They have together laughed and reminisced about childbirth moments, shared daily nitty-gritty, they have grown together. They may know each other for a short time or for all their lives. But every woman,  has another woman or many a women.... who have been with her on this journey of life.
I am blessed and I feel grateful that I have fabulous women friends- independent,  strong, honest, loving and accepting. They have made me a better person and seeing all the good things about them,  I strive to be a bit of all that goodness and learn some of their magical evil tricks too. On women's day this year,  I would like to raise a toast to a bunch of women I met this year.

As Ira entered the walls of her montessori,  I stepped into the world of mommies, literally. I always wondered how it would be. An extrovert like me but I can be tongue tied in the most simple situations. As Ira made friends,  we mommies made friends too. Thanks to technology and the ease it promises,  we formed a WhatsApp group. We shared our anticipations,  doubts,  fears and our joys. This became a group where we discussed everything,  the holiday list,  the notices that came crumpled in our little ones little hands,  the PTMs, the celebrations and dress codes. We also had our share of tough discussions and disagreements. This group was like a knowledge repository and any KM (knowledge management) professional could take cues on the KS and KT (knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer skills). Finding the perfect tailor,  finding the poms poms for school functions,  the place with the softest thatte idli, the store for craft items and talking about lost items at school. We fervently discussed home lunch menus and memorized the rhymes our little ones said. This was like quora and wikipedia all wrapped into one. We mommies slowly began to know more about each other thanks to the breakfast meets and some shopping and occasional outings. We encouraged and shared the enthusiasm of anyone who began a venture,  anyone who got a new job and anyone who did something creative. For moments when one of us felt low, there was a bunch of us to lift our spirits and make us feel better. We made memories together that go beyond the forwards shared and the photos uploaded. As our babies grow  and complete a year of school,  we mommies have also come a long way. We have found soulful conversations,  common dreams,  matching hues to our stories. We have experienced the power of women friends through this new group of friends that we have made.
So,  happy women's day ladies!! Let's raise a toast to every woman in our life.
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