Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bus travel and random memories

My memories of bus travel revolve around travelling to MCC from Rajajinagar and later using the University Bus during MSc days. Some 'busstand besties' are now friends for life. Bus travel memories also remind me of my tryst with the local language,  forgetting to collect 88 Rs. (which was a lot at that time),  when I had paid 100 for a Rs. 12 ticket,  getting pick pocketed on a shopping trip to Commercial Street.
Most recent bus memories are of 2013-14 when I travelled to work by Bus while expecting Ira and Prashant dropped me to the starting depot so that it ensured a seat. I also travelled consciously on some bus days,  4th of every month.

Today,  visited a friend in Electronic City. On my return journey,  cabs refused to travel from E city to Yeshwantpur citing that it is too long a distance. While waiting for a cab to say yes,  my friend says,  take a bus part of the way! And so I did and it was like travelling down memory lane :) As I sit in another form of transport to cover the rest of the distance home,  I thought,  why not do some blogging.
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