Monday, March 20, 2017

The price of a dream

Name: The Spy
Author : Paulo Coelho
Genre: Based on the life of a real person, with some fictional elements

The Spy is the Story of a woman,  named:
Margaretha Zella, by her parents
Madame MacLeod, post her marriage
H21, by the Germans
Mata Hari, by herself

Many of you may know about her, I didn't when I began reading the book. It's as enthralling as every Coelho book is. I have always liked his protagonists and the manner in which he tells the stories.
For this book, I will share some of my favorite quotes and hope you find them intriguing enough to pick up the book and read.

Everyone flirts with danger, so long as the danger does not really exist.

I decided to be who I always dreamed.. And the price of a dream is always high

He knew that my tears had drained everything out of me and buried it in the sand,  where it must remain until the end of time

For certain,  I 'D go to my grave one day without ever knowing live,  but what difference did it make? For me,  love and power were the same thing

But that meant living the rest of my life split in two: as a woman who could be anything and one who was never anything, one who wouldn't have even a single story to tell her children and grandchildren

But I do not want to rush my own story

The most beautiful melody in the world will become a monstrosity if the strings are out of tune

I was going to lie and say I would be waiting for him when the war was over,  but honesty has a way of dissolving lies

I am the nightingale who gave everything and died while doing so

the injustice of which you were the victim for the sin of being a woman,  for the greater sin of being free,  for the immense sin of.....

In the battle of the sexes, all men,  no matter their expertise in various arts, are always easily defeated

Once there was a beautiful princess who was admired and feared by all because she seemed to be too independent. Her name was Psyche.

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