Happy World Book Day 2017

A picture taken this morning that warms my heart. Ira has been down with an awful viral last few days. This morning she decides to do what comes naturally to her, reading her books and making up her stories. She is two years ten months and when I say read,  I mean she tells the stories based on her memory of the reading with us. Of course, it's World Book Day and Mamma takes this precious picture. The world needs more of us to love and read books because they transport us to a universe vividly colourful and happy.

Am reading two very interesting books. A woman in your own right was the first book I picked to read this year and am midway . slow read but thought provoking. Love, loss and what we ate is my current read and has been an emotional read so far. #readingbooks #happiness #worldbookday2017 #microblogging


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