To all the brave women fighting everyday, fighting for their dignity, for their right to live, for their freedom, for their heart, for their mind, for their souls.

The mind wanders
Strange thoughts have a reptilian grasp
That choking feeling
The world is moving on
You are in a standstill
Like those moving picture toys
The cinema is but dark
The air trickles of sadness
The dry grass churns despair
You are stuck
While the ground moves
You hear the wind
And yet there is silence
No song, no happiness, no love
Still, sorrow, pain
The heart wants to be strong
Filled with awe
Anticipation, surprise, hope
The eyes blank
Desire that smile
That one look
Know you are near, yet far
It all disappears
In that grain of sand
Slipping through the desperate clutch
Hold on to that moment
Abyss is yet far
Dream shatters
Reality beckons
Those incomplete jagged lines
Tell a deep tale
The creased page turns
And it is all blank

#jouska #conversations #women #battlingabuse #battlingdepression #brave #poetry


Madhurima said…
Thanks Padmaja. Means a lot coming from you. Much love.

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