"And though she be but little, she is fierce"

Ira discovered the joy of a birthday this year. Having been introduced to the concept of cake cutting at school,  she likes birthdays because they mean cake. As she turned three today,  she woke up this morning and told her Papa it was her happy birthday and that he should wish her. When dadu sang Happy birthday, she told him song is during cake cutting; on phone just happy birthday. She told her Ajji, see you in the evening. A Dear friend visited her and the eyes sparkled because she discovered the next best thing,  birthday gifts. The sparkle in the eyes and the ear to ear grin just said it all.  She got Pluto for company,  a dancing octopus,  wooden puzzles, clothes,  blocks in wood and plastic, and crafts and books through the day. Each little gift was embraced with a squeal of excitement. This was also the first year when she attended calls. She promptly said, "Thank you for Wishing me" .  Ofcourse,  Papa and Mamma felt proud. There are many influences in the life of a little girl. Ira in the last few months has discovered superheroes and likes, Kara- the supergirl and wants to be strong like her,  fly like her and save the world like her. So,  while choosing what she would wear for her birthday,  the choice was obviously a tee with the superhero emblem and prior to that a top that said,  "And though she be but little, she is fierce" summing up our little girl and her little world. A world that we are discovering bit by bit everyday. Happy birthday Ira! Thank you for being the reason for our 'Earth Rejoicing'!

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Parul said…
Ah! With your and P's parenting, I have no doubt that she will turn to be one fabulous person. Can't believe she's three. I still remember how you guys announced the news. Time flies.

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