Saturday, May 20, 2017

Love the way Ove does

Name of the Book: A Man Called Ove
Name of the Author: Fredrik  Bachman
Genre: Fiction,  Romance

This is a love story. Love story of a man whose life is  like an assembled tool kit till he meets a woman who creates some cacophony in that pattern. He sees the world in black and white but he is still perceived full of colour by a three year old. To him,  his wife is the most colourful element in his life, someone, before and after whom there was no colour.
His fixed ways of doing things,  his notions about people and his opinions on cars and houses make him annoying in bits and endearing in large measures. It is almost like there is a large brick wall you knock at to understand him,  to see that wall disappear just the next instant.
A large man literally dealing with his broken heart, his loss cannot be measured in words. You feel Sonja in his every breath, his every action,  his every thought, his every conversation near the gravestone.
I cried copiously reading this book because you fall in love with Ove for what he is- a man in love. His shortcomings,  his anger, his fury over the world notwithstanding. Parvaneh is like that breath of fresh air, an immensely lovable character. She is like the catalyst who ensure the actions and reactions take new turns.
A Man called Ove is a delightful read. I came across this book reco on the FB group Senior Reading Raccoons and am glad I picked it up during a recent visit to Blossoms. Read it, shed that tear, for you will see a man so deeply in love with his woman that you all somewhere would want to be a part of his life.
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