Tuesday, May 9, 2017

'Joy'fully Yours

There are many people in life whom we love and whom we take for granted.  Top of the list has to be our siblings. I am grateful to have a sibling. My Bhai is one of my greatest support and someone who never judges me ever(at least I think so) . I can share the most bizarre and controversial thoughts with him. He tolerates my OCD,  all my quirks, even those rare times when he gets the brunt of my anger. He is one of the first person I will crib to if am upset with ma baba. And he understands my thoughts behind all the cribbing. I don't expect reaction or action but I know he is listening.

My fears, even my miniscule joys,  my hyper excited moments are all shared with him. He has seen me weep over losses, seen me fight for what's important to me and has been beside me all that time. He is my strength in more ways than one. And the bonus is he of course likes almost everything I cook.  From bossing over him, thanks to the fact that am almost 8years older, to becoming confidante and friend, we have come a long way.

I look forward to growing old together,  to witnessing all the wonderful things that life has in store for him and for us. Life at times gets so busy that you need a breakfast date to spend time with your brother. What is important is that we have this space and we make this effort. I am fiercely protective of him and yet I am the first one to tell him if something is amiss. He is a young man today but he will always be my baby brother. And now of course, he is Joy to Ira, in all happiness. To the years ahead, gratitude. 

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