So many stories untold

What a day this has been.  Met someone special today at Claytopia , Koramangala (a beautiful Cafe) whose work I have been following for a few years now. She personifies grace and humility and all that you read about her is what you see when you meet her in person. Sunita, just so glad that we met today before you embark on your new journey. And needless to say,  am glad another 'labour of love' from Indian Yards has found a place in our home. Also, it was absolutely fabulous to have met some more amazing women doing wonderful work and making a difference to the lives of people around.

Travelling across town is like an adventure. This meet up was followed by a visit to Sutradhar,  Indiranagar with a few friends to do some shopping for the 'little girl' at home. A historic day indeed. Bought Ira her first ever doll. Also bought a book about a dolphin called Ira.  Met Sujani, my MSc junior, who is an educator at a city school today after 13years. It's always wonderful to have friends who share interests that are varied and yet there is a common connect,  a common thread,  a common tale. An impromptu lunch plan at Sumit and Jyoti 's place, along with Sonali (thanks to whom we made it to Sutradhar today) and Priya,  and some fun adult time chatting about little human beings and all that they do.

I also took the metro today from ulsoor to goraguntepalya, with a change at majestic. Got my first metro card,  took that feel good selfie and got home in flat 37 minutes, travelling across town.
Prashant had a busy work day and Ira was picked up from school by her Dadu. While I wait to hear from them about their day,  I can't wait to tell and show them how my day was. I also can't wait to see how Ira reacts to her doll.
It was a day of inspiration and reflection,  a day of blissful Happy moments!
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