The inconsequential existence

The abuse that women face,  be it emotional, physical or sexual is a multilayer phenomena. This poem is an attempt to delve into the mind of a woman undergoing abuse and has been written as part of the Women's Web blogathon on #ALetterToHer.

The silent glares
Hitting every fibre of my being
The hurtful words
Breaking every spirited moment
The invisible shackles
Binding my dreams
The unsaid rules
Bending every glimmer of hope
The darkness within
Dissolving the person I was

The wisp of air
The frightened quiver
The tear-filled eyes
Hands that shiver
Clammy feet
Uneven heartbeat
Moment of despair
The inconsequential existence

The rules of 'no'
Tying every action to the roots
No place for consent
Quieten the muffled voices
Never treated like a human
An object of disection and persuasion
Even screams found unworthy
Of a lending ear
Time stood still
Clasping frail hands cry in agony
The descending plethora of grey
Wiping out my passive existence

Moment by moment
Action by action
Stare by stare


I have been reading about  Meena Kandasamy’s new book, When I Hit You  ( and would like to read a copy of it because I feel that it is a story every women must read. Many women around deal with abuse on a daily basis. Some are often not even aware that it is abuse. Abuse is a silent killer,  killing the spirit of women. I hope that this book will also give strength to women who are dealing with abuse. Because, nothing is more powerful than one woman standing up for another and resonating the strength together.


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