Friday, July 14, 2017

That little pink flower

Been a while since I have written,  thanks to a monstrous writers block hovering around. However,  clicked this pic on Wednesday and it warranted that I put all those dancing thoughts in my mind to paper, I mean the blog! Let's make it a 'Filmy Friday'.

These days, there is a particular part of the day that I find immensely interesting because it unearths fascinating new moments. Ira has now slowly begun to make friends in the apartment and we go down every (almost) evening for 30-45 minutes at least to play. She takes the balance bike, bat and ball,  badminton and the shuttlecock. She takes with her what fancies her that day. Some days she just randomly walks a few rounds, collects tiny stones,  bird feathers and flowers.  She doesn't talk much to the kids around,  in fact most times does her own thing or admires them doing their own thing. She plays with a few of them,  one particular Didi to keeps the bachcha parties entertained. She plays with Prashant and me. And yes,  she did play laggori with P,  another dad and the other kids one evening.
I love this time of the day because Ira plays,  we play and it entails a lot of random musings. On Wednesday, she suddenly hot two flowers and said one was for Papa and one for me and then when I put it in my hair, she smiled and said,  Mamma you are looking so beautiful. Precious,  heart melting moment. Wish the picture could capture every ounce of that emotion.  And ofcourse,  that little pink flower is my current favorite flower.
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