Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bees Saal Baad (20 years later)

  **Nithin Sagi creates magic and captures the afternoon beautifully in these pictures

When you relive memories, old time jokes and try to catch up on the twenty years gone by in the span of one cacophonic Sunday afternoon.
Recently,  a very diligent NPS classmate of ours formed a WhatsApp group and invited everyone. We all added whoever we were in touch with and soon it was a large WhatsApp group with all of us having stories and memories of school,  vibrant and in every hue. As happens with newly formed groups,  we also decided to have a mini reunion in Bangalore with almost 50% of us being here. After some intensive and exhausting planning and a pick of lots by a resourceful mom's kids,  we decided to meet at Miller's 46 this afternoon.

All the planning, discussion and decisions came together symbiotically as the afternoon unveiled. 12 of us made it for the meet. One of them deserves a special mention because he just flew down from UK today and made the effort to join in. Well,  actions do speak louder than words.

We shared stories of what we all did post school,  what we are doing now,  spouses,  kids,  passion and midlife crisis. We spoke about our teachers and the absentees at lunch with vehement enthusiasm. We surely brought the house down with our boisterous conversations and loud laughs. Lunch was followed by some delectable desserts at a cafe and more gupshup. We did leave today with a plan to meet again soon! And I sure can't wait.

Bees Saal Baad... Life came a full circle.

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Unknown said...

You truly capture the essence of our meetup.

Madhurima said...

Thank you, but who is this? You have posted as anonymous. :)

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