Mamma, I am sorry I got fever

Driving away the fever blues by being little miss curious!

Sometimes some small things the little human beings in your life tell you that are sure to remain with you forever. Ira is down with fever and cough last two days. She is clingy,  weepy and wants to have her own way. It's physically and   emotionally exhausting. With both Mamma and Papa being busy with work, she actually accompanied Papa to his meetings yesterday. They did have a little fight over a lollypop and she told him how he is not her best friend. She also diligently complained to me about him the moment they picked me up post my meetings.
Then when I was putting her to bed in the afternoon,  she tells me,  "Mamma, I am sorry I got fever". I just had to pause a minute and let that sink in. Sharing this with friends,  we all realised how kids are so perceptive to the emotions we experience and exhibit. How they are sensitive to a moment that is hard for them and for us. How they see us concerned and even for that bit feel responsible. It could be a myriad of things.
What remains with me is that look and those words from my precious. Even as I give myself solace stating how these fevers and coughs and colds will help build her immunity; I wish they go away soon! And am sure every parent at some point has made that wish.
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Piscean Angel said…
Awww...that's so sweet of her and I can imagine how guilty that would have made you feel. Hugs to all 3 of you beautiful people.
Madhurima said…
Thank you Chandra. Actually, yes, for a few moments, I did wonder if my feeling awful made her say that. Hugs right back at you <3

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