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Sometimes,  I guess it is fine to use your personal blog to also do some PR for you. So,  here is my Vote appeal letter to all IISc Alumni.

Dear IIScAA Members,


I am Madhurima Das, currently the Joint Secretary of the IISc Alumni Association. I am contesting for elections again for the Post of Member- Executive Committee. I am writing in this email to seek your support and your valuable votes. I have over the years interacted with many of you as a student and then as an alumni. I hold all those discussions, guidance and thoughts to be of immense importance and that will guide me further to contribute to the association activities.

I completed my PhD from the Dept. of Management Studies, IISc and graduated in 2013. I am a proud alumna and I feel my alma mater has been responsible for giving me many opportunities to grow as an individual and in my career.

In the year 2015, I took the step to move from being an active student to wanting to also be active in the alumni association affairs by nominating myself for the post of Joint Secretary. I won the elections, garnering a large number of votes and am grateful to everyone who supported me in the endeavour. Over the last two years, I was a part of several initiatives like the networking meets, science forum lectures, panel discussions and one of my biggest achievement would be that for the first time in the history of the association, an event was conceived focusing on Women, to mark Women’s day. Aptly termed, WiSER- Women in Science, Engineering and Research. The WiSER Conclave 2016 helped us set up a corpus fund to organise an event every year. This was possible thanks to the immense support and guidance from IFF and senior women faculty members. The event saw its second edition this August, where we delved on the role of education and women empowerment.

Being a part of the Office Bearers for two years was an immense learning experience and I hope to translate that further to create more new initiatives and take the lead and organise them during this next term. It will be with a sense of gratitude and a will to provide my services to this esteemed institution that I would like to nominate myself for the post of Executive Committee- Member, of the Alumni Association.

I believe that it is essential to be a part of the team and make every effort to help the association grow, sustain and reach newer heights. Every little step helps the association reach a new milestone, ensuring both institutional and societal impact. The areas i will focus and work on:
·         Improving the IIScAA membership
·         Continuing WiSER and making it bigger and more impactful
·         Plan and Organize a Gender Sensitization workshop for IISc students, alumni and community
·         Creating a mentorship program bringing young alumni and graduating students on a common platform
·         Creating an event focusing on health and wellness
·         Creating an entrepreneurial networking event bringing together IISc alumni who are entrepreneurs

I have the ability to deliver and have the requisite skills to work with a diverse and virtual team. I thank everyone who guided and supported me in my last term as Joint Secretary and I seek all your support again to be able to contribute to the IISc Alumni Association.

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Thank you
Warm Regards
Madhurima Das


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