Dadu gave that to ME!

She teaches him how to put Piku to bed. She goes with him on his walks. She rushes to the door to help him with his lunchcase and then drags the bag all the way to the kitchen. She fights with him when he refuses to give her a chocolate because too much chocolate is not good. She likes to eat the same 'saulty' bikki that he does. When annoyed with him, she refuses a hug. She also likes muskmelon, like him. She licks the cream in the biscuit and then offers the empty biscuit to him and then is sad when he says he doesn't eat sweet biscuits. Today, he accompanied her and Mamma to her doc visit. A five day viral that refused to go away. Urghhh, hate these bugs. Post her blood test, she cried and told him her hand hurts. He promised her a chocolate and there, the magic words were spoken. Tears forgotten, she lay her head on his lap on the way home. On being dropped home, an enthusiastic and vehement "Bye Dadu" happened. Loud enough for the whole apartment to hear. She ate a part of the dairy milk and has stored it in the fridge for the next day. Almost like guarding her treasure, she told me, "Dadu gave that to ME"!

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